Six Albums for your Christmas Playlist

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, which means my favorite time of year is upon us. Today I’ve got six unique Christmas Albums to share with you. These are just a few of the albums I’ve listened to in recent years (my Christmas music playlist on iTunes is about 20 hours long), with two brand new ones to share. Let’s get started!

Fun Tunes for Trimming the Tree:
Ben Rector’s Jingles and Bells

What it is: A short EP of Christmas songs ranging from “Away in a Manger” to a fun version of “Jingle Bells.” Ben Rector’s fun takes on classic songs will have you rocking around the Christmas tree for sure.

Tracks to listen for: “Jingle Bells” and “Auld Lang Syne”

Slow Jams for a Holiday Dinner Party:
Leslie Odom Jr.’s Simply Christmas

What it is: A jazzy, relaxed version of your favorite Christmas carols, sung by Hamilton’s very own Aaron Burr, Leslie Odom, Jr.

Tracks to listen for: “Winter Song,” “The First Noel.”

Perfect Songs for Each Character in the Christmas Story:
Jason Gray’s Christmas Stories

What it is: This album includes songs from the point of view of shepherds, Joseph, Mary–all the key characters in the Christmas story. I love these unique takes on each character’s key role in one of my favorite stories.

Tracks to listen for: “Christmas is Coming,” “Gloria!”

New Takes on Old Favorites :
Jill Phillips and Andy Gullahorn’s Christmas

What it is: perfectly harmonized Christmas carols from one of my favorite musical couples. This album takes carols you know and some you don’t know to create a perfectly blended soundtrack for the season.

Tracks to listen for: “You Came Down,” “Once in Royal David’s City”

Unique Christmas Carols:
Josh Garrels’ The Light Came Down

What it is: A singer/songwriter album with cool vibes and songs you might not know. Josh Garrels is one of my favorite artists to have on repeat when I’m writing. his songs are cool and unique, with a strange vibe that sticks in your brain. This one is brand new–it just came out on Thanksgiving, and I love it!

Tracks to listen for: “The Light Came Down” and “The Boar’s Head Carol” for a song you’ve probably never heard!

Storytelling Set to Music:
Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God 

What it is: An album that tells the story of Jesus’ coming from Moses to the manger, complete with a song that teaches you the genealogy of Jesus. Andrew Peterson is my all-time favorite singer/songwriter, and he uses his considerable talent to tell the Christmas Story in a beautiful way.

Tracks to listen for: “Deliver Us,” “Matthew’s Begats,” “Labor of Love,” “While Shepherds Watched their Flocks–” who am I kidding, they’re all great.

And if the cover of that album looks familiar, that’s because it’s the starting point for Russ Ramsey’s book Behold the Lamb of God. Which makes this the perfect time to remind you about the #book50readalong that will kick off on December 1st! Make sure you have your copy of Behold the Lamb of God–the musical version and the literary version–so you can join in on the Advent fun.

What’s your favorite Christmas music? Share in the comments below.

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