Book 50 Read Along: Advent 2016

Can you believe the holidays are upon us? With Thanksgiving this week and the start of Advent next Sunday, it will be Christmas before we know it. While I’d be happy to start listening to Christmas music in August, I know some people don’t want to even think about gift-buying and tree-decorating until after Thanksgiving.

That being said, I wanted to announce something special that I’ll be doing on the blog for Advent, and I wanted to give you time to get prepared. I always try to read at least one new Advent devotional, and I always read of my favorite Advent books–Behold the Lamb of God by Russ Ramsey. So this year I thought–why don’t we all read it together?

Behold the Lamb of God tells the Christmas story in twenty-five small, narrative chapters. Each story brings you closer to the emotions these well-known people might have been feeling. I love how Ramsey personalizes the Christmas story and makes it more real by adding descriptions and great details. I have read it every Christmas for the past five years, and it really does help me connect with the real meaning of Christmas.

So, in order to build some Christmas community, I’ll be hosting a Read Along. What does that mean? I’m reading the book, and I invite you to buy a copy and read along with me. Each week on Sunday I’ll post a little something about that week’s readings, and we’ll finish it off all together on Christmas Day–which also happens to be a Sunday this year!

I’m excited, and I hope you will join me as we read through this wonderful book together. The read along will officially start on December 1, and it will go all the way to Christmas Day. You can purchase your book through Amazon or through The Rabbit Room. And, if you’re looking for even more Behold the Lamb ideas–check out Andrew Peterson’s album that got the whole thing started. You can even go to one of the Behold the Lamb concerts happening throughout the month of December. I’m still trying to figure out a way to get to one of them!

I really hope you’ll join me in this fun adventure. If you do, please share pictures and thoughts on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtag #book50readalong so we can all see how you’re preparing your heart for Christmas!

I’m also excited to have God is in the Manger: Reflections on Advent and Christmas on my reading list this year. Dietrich Bonhoeffer is someone whose writing has inspired me for a while–ever since I read Eric Metaxas’ biography of him. I’m excited to read these short daily meditations on the Christmas season. 

So go forth and buy your copy of Behold the Lamb of God today so that you’re ready to #readalong with me starting on December 1!

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  1. […] I know I’ll be reading it again this year. In fact, I love this book so much that last year I hosted a “read along” of Behold the Lamb of God. What’s really special about this book is that it’s a retelling […]


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