Monthly Archives: January 2016

The Fiddler’s Gun

It’s been a long time since I’ve read one of those fiction books that makes you stay up past your bedtime reading. The Fiddler’s Gun is one of those books. The novel is set during the American Revolution, and it involves, among many other things, orphans, pirates, Redcoats, fiddles, and buried treasure. Sounds like a good story right out of the gate, if you ask me!

Passages: Snow Edition

Every now and then I like to find my favorite quotes on a given topic and share them with you. Since we’re in the midst of winter storm Jonas, I thought I’d share some snow quotes. It seems like every story that takes place in winter time has some lofty description of the snow. As […]

Five Tips for Choosing Your Next Book

Sometimes my friends and family ask me how I go about finding books to read. With so many options out there, any trip to Barnes and Noble or Amazon is going to involve choosing some books over others. It can be overwhelming to stare at shelf after shelf, so I’ve compiled a list of five […]

Monday Musings

Spending my Monday sharing a few of my current favorites with you–from Tolstoy to Hogwarts and everything in between!

The Remains of the Day

  Uptight British butler takes road trip, realizes he hasn’t always made good decisions. Sounds thrilling, right? Normally I wouldn’t have ever picked a book based on that description, but The Remains of the Day was really interesting. Mr. Stevens, the main character, is a fiercely loyal, dedicated butler. He constantly questions what it means to […]

A Center of Quiet 

It’s always exciting to see what the first book of the new year will be, and in 2016 my first book was A Center of Quiet by David Runcorn.

Audible: Pros and Cons

If you’re looking into audiobooks for 2016, Audible is one of the top Audiobook platforms around. It’s an Amazon company, so you can be sure you’re getting quality audiobooks when you choose to download them. Here’s a quick list of Audible’s features and drawbacks before you sign up

Three Books For Sherlock Fans 

I’m the first one to admit that I arrived late to the Sherlock party. I didn’t start watching this BBC show until a few months ago, but once I pressed play on episode one, I couldn’t stop! I love that the show is a modern adaptation of a Victorian classic, and I really love all […]