October Update

I didn’t want to let the month of October slip away without posting anything to the blog, so here’s a quick update to let you know what’s been happening over the last few weeks.

Just like last year, October has been a crazy month. It started out with Homecoming festivities at work, and it hasn’t slowed down much! School is in full swing, and with my new evening job teaching at Kennesaw State, I haven’t had a ton of spare time to read. In fact, the only book I’ve finished during October is Macbeth, which I’m currently teaching to my seniors. And that’s not a complaint–Macbeth is probably my favorite Shakespeare play in terms of plot and character development. Even reading through it multiple times each day hasn’t gotten boring! Call me a huge nerd, but it seems like every time we open it up I find some new theme or motif to get excited about. If you haven’t read it, you definitely should!!

In November I’m looking forward to getting back to more reading, and I’m hoping to complete the Poem-a-Day challenge I started last year. I didn’t quite finish in 2017, so maybe this is the year! I’ll try to share some of those poems here as the month progresses.

In any case, I can’t believe we are already to November. How are your reading goals going? I set an ambitious goal of 60 books, and I don’t think I’m going to make it!! We’ll see what the last two months of the year hold. Hopefully I’ll be posting more here and hearing about the books you liked best in 2018.

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