Review: Maisie Dobbs

Over Spring Break I picked up the first book in the Maisie Dobbs series at a used bookstore, and I managed to have one of those fun reading days where you get to camp out and read a book from cover to cover beforethe day is over. I love it when I can finish a book in one sitting, but, unfortunately, I don’t get the chance very often.

Maisie Dobbs is a mystery story at heart, but it’s also a work of engaging historical fiction. The story in this first novel is a lot of backstory, explaining Maisie’s past and her experiences as a nurse during WWI. When she is called upon to solve a mystery relating to soldiers who served in the war, she finds the case opening up doors to her past that she thought were closed.


I enjoyed the novel, but I found that at times it felt a bit predictable. One thing I appreciated most about this book was that Maisie did have some depth to her. Sometimes the detective characters in mystery novels feel exactly alike, but Maisie felt more realistic. By the end of the novel, I could sympathize with her, even if I didn’t fully understand some of the decisions she made. Right now I don’t have plans to purchase the next book in the series–there are thirteen altogether–but I could definitely see myself picking it up for a quick vacation read. The novel was well-written and interesting, and the mystery format kept me turning the pages until the very end.

If you like charming, historical mysteries with a bit more emotional depth, I’d say the Maisie Dobbs series might be for you! I’ve seen these books on social media quite a bit, so I know they have a rather large fan base. If you’re a Maisie Dobbs fan, leave a comment below and tell me if I should keep going with the next book.

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