The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

Today I’m excited to share a new review with you–The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba. This book is about William’s inspiring journey to bring electricity and running water to his village in Malawi. William used his ingenuity to build a windmill from trash and scraps he found in his village–his windmill generated enough electricity to power his house and provide water for his village.

Boy who Harnessed the Wind 2.jpeg

This book was enlightening and moving. William, who is only about four years older than me, grew up under very difficult circumstances in Malawi. During his childhood, he and his family dealt with a severe famine. I’ve read about famine in the Bible and in other modern accounts, but never with such vivid description. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to wake up and know that I wouldn’t be eating that day. This book really made me appreciate the amazing bounty we have been blessed with here in the United States.

What was also inspiring about William’s story is that after he was recognized for his amazing achievement, he went back to school and then dedicated his efforts to helping build more windmills in his hometown. He used money he raised from various fundraisers to help fund his siblings’ and neighbors’ education. I think there is something so refreshing about his willingness to go back to the village that meant so much to him as a child.

Throughout the book, you really get the feeling that education and reading were keys to William’s success, something I also find amazing. William showed how education and rational thinking can triumph over difficult times and the tribal magic and medicine common in Africa. To think that someone in such a desperate situation had the strength and character to keep learning, keep building, and keep reading is truly inspiring.

I definitely encourage you to check out this book to read about all William is doing to help others in Malawi.

Keep Reading–it makes a difference!



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