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Happy Saturday! I hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend this weekend. I don’t have a book review for you today, but I do have a list of different things to share–from subscription services to apps I’m loving, here’s a look into what’s been happening with me lately.

1. Stitch Fix: Is it Worth The $$?

Last month I tried Stitch Fix for the first time, and today my second box arrived in the mail. Stitch fix is a subscription service–you pay a monthly “styling fee” and they send you a curated collection of clothes and shoes. Here are my impressions after two boxes.

The clothes they send are super cute, and their stylists ask questions and check your Pinterest profile to see what types of outfits each customer is interested in. I have genuinely loved every piece of clothing they’ve sent me. Sounds great, right? The biggest issue I’ve had is the fit. I can’t seem to fit in the tops they send, and because the clothes are more boutique-y than I’m used to, I think they run a little small. In addition, the prices are a little high for my liking. I kept one adorable cardigan from my first box, but I don’t think I’ll be keeping anything from my second. The conclusion? I probably won’t pay for another fix for a while, at least not until I can figure out how their sizing process works. It’s a neat idea, but I’m better off waiting for sales at Loft!

2. My New App Obsession

Now for a fashion find that I am loving–Stylebook. Stylebook is a closet inventory app that lets you take pictures of your clothes and arrange them into “looks” or outfits. You can then place all of your outfits on a calendar and schedule your outfits. You can also see which pieces in your closet you wear the most often, which are the cheapest per wear, and what colors you own the most of. It’s been super helpful in allowing me to see what I have in my closet. I can take this app anywhere–when I’m shopping, packing to travel, or waiting for class to start. It seems silly, but it’s also streamlined my morning routine. Now instead of hunting for an outfit, I’ve already scheduled it on Stylebook! Here’s what my August calendar looked like:

3. College Football Season Starts TODAY!

War Eagle!! Today’s the day. Good TV returns, and we are embarking into my favorite season of all, Fall. So cue the crock pot recipes, smack-talking, and scented candles. I’m ready!


4. Girls’ Night Out Idea

Recently, one of my favorite bloggers posted about hosting a “Skills Night” with all of her girlfriends. Each girl hosts the others for a night of skill-sharing. If one friend is a cook, she hosts a mini cooking lesson, if another knows how to knit, knitting lessons are in order. I thought this was a great, creative alternative for girls’ night! Read more about it here!

5. Social Media Update

Things are really happening over on the Book Fifty Instagram page, and I find myself obsessed with this a-deer-able Snapchat filter….


So there you have it! Five things I’m loving right about now. I should have a book review or two for you soon–I have been reading, just not able to get anything finished. Taking graduate classes and teaching full time is no joke!

Keep Reading, and Happy Labor Day!




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