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Finding Good Books: Audible

Finding Good Books: Audible

Tonight I’m continuing my latest series on finding good books. Last week, I shared my tips for finding books from booksellers–whether from a brick and mortar store or an online retailer like Amazon. This week, I’m sharing a few tips for finding great audiobooks as well as my top five audiobooks of all time. I […]


Five Tips for Choosing Your Next Book

Sometimes my friends and family ask me how I go about finding books to read. With so many options out there, any trip to Barnes and Noble or Amazon is going to involve choosing some books over others. It can be overwhelming to stare at shelf after shelf, so I’ve compiled a list of five […]

Three Reasons to Read the Classics

 A few days ago, I wrote a post titled “What is a Classic?” I also mentioned that it was the first post in a two-part series about reading the classics. So, without further delay, here’s part II. We’ve spent some time defining the classics, now let me convince you why they matter.  1. Read the classics to […]