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Finding Good Books: Booksellers

Finding Good Books: Booksellers

Many book bloggers out there will advise you to make an official “To Be Read” (TBR) list for the month/year and stick to it like a schedule. I’ve tried to plan out which books I’ll read when, but to me that takes all of the fun out of choosing my next book. Discovering a new, unexpected […]


Making the Most of a Used Book Sale

After shopping for about an hour, I had more than filled my bag, spent my budget, and realized that used book sales can be pretty overwhelming if you don’t come in with a strategy. And so, without further introduction, here are my top tips for winning the used book sale.

Five Tips for Choosing Your Next Book

Sometimes my friends and family ask me how I go about finding books to read. With so many options out there, any trip to Barnes and Noble or Amazon is going to involve choosing some books over others. It can be overwhelming to stare at shelf after shelf, so I’ve compiled a list of five […]